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David Jenkins Has a Life-long Record of Selfless Service and Hard Work

David Jenkins has spent his life in service to his county and community and continues to serve to this day. As an Air Ambulance Helicopter Pilot David is the Lead Pilot and part of the team that provides life-saving medical care to citizens of West Central Georgia. When David is not in the cockpit he is meeting with constituents and community leaders as a member of the Georgia House
or Representatives, District 136. And because that is not enough, David also farms livestock and hay on 156 acres in Meriwether County with his wife Catherine. In his free time, David spends time
supporting and volunteering with organizations like the American Legion.


David credits his work ethic to his family. His parents taught him from an early age to put in a hard days work, to get the job done right, and to take care of his community. David was raised in Fayette County, graduated from McIntosh High School and went on to have a successful career in the military. Prior to that, David learned about family values growing up on Jenkins Road when it was a dirt road. David Jenkins has deep roots in West Georgia where his family can be traced back to homesteading land in the 1820s. As the youngest of five children, David was raised in Tyrone, GA. David’s parents divorced when he was very young, and he grew up with a single mom who demonstrated a strong work ethic and focus on family. She worked two jobs for most her life and gardened to keep fresh food on the table. David learned about farming from his father and worked the family farm that raised several generations before him. From the Creek Indian Wars through the Civil War to present day, David and his ancestors have been farmers and soldiers. Being part of this rural community grounded David in the community where he grew up, and it's where he lives today.
After graduating from McIntosh, David enlisted in the United States Army and finished his enlistment as a diesel mechanic. During a brief break from duty, David served as a Clayton County Police officer where he had his first experience with the process of local government. He saw first-hand the challenges of his community, the vital protections of constitutional rights and the importance of government limitation.

In 2000, David was accepted into the Warrant Officer Flight Training Program with the Army, after completing training, he was deployed as a Chinook helicopter pilot with the 101 st Airborne Division to the middle east for the invasion of Iraq. Over the next 14 years, David served in combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, which included working with Afghan Air Force to improve interface between Afghan and U.S. forces. While in service, David graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. During this time, David met his wife, Catherine while they were both stationed at Fort Campbell. David and Cat were actually both deployed to Afghanistan at the same time in different locations. Cat finished her time in service and they married in 2012.


Over the course of David’s career, he attended Officer Candidate School, airborne school, air assault school, and the Captain’s Career Course at Fort Benning (now named Fort Ford). David retired from the Army as a decorated Captain with a multitude of military medals and awards.

After serving at Fort Campbell, David was ready to come home and put down roots. He found land to farm a little farther south from his family and established Jenkins Farms in Grantville, GA. While establishing the farm, remodeling the 100-year-old farmhouse, David spent time flying with the Coweta County Sheriff’s office part-time. David then took a job with Georgia Forestry Commission in 2016 as the wildland firefighter helicopter pilot. In this capacity, he fought fires by air all over the state of Georgia, from the North Georgia mountains to the Okefenokee Swamp for two years before taking his current role as an Air Ambulance Helicopter pilot.

In 2020 David beat the Democratic Minority Leader in Georgia and has been representing the district as a solid conservative Republican since. He’s the right choice for Republicans and the Right Choice for 3rd District.

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