Growing up on a farm in rural Georgia and then spending 21 years in the Army, David has a strong sense of duty and feels a civic obligation to give back and serve others.

He knows that if good citizens don’t get involved in our political system, our communities will suffer. With such a diverse and unique district, GA 132 requires the perspective of a strong leader who is prepared to work from the ground up, to bring resources and people together and take a tactical approach to getting results.

From delivering basic services to bringing jobs to our local economy, David will keep government in its place and focus on protecting the shared, traditional values of rural Georgia.

Our Republican majority in Georgia’s legislature is being threatened now more than ever.

We can look to Washington, D.C. to see what happens when liberal values win out, but David will fight to protect the conservative values that keep Georgia thriving. Fundamentally, our communities agree on the priority of traditional family values, traditional marriage values, and the importance of religion in the family and in the household. We are small communities that have a nature that brings us together to support our common interests.

When people begin to look to their government as the solution, it gives the government too much power. Self-reliance and individual accountability are at the heart of our state and the spirit of our country.

Conservatism is symbolic of who we are as a society, and David will stand firm to:

✔️ Defend Our 2nd Amendment
✔️ Protect Pro-Life Policy
✔️ Champion Capitalism
✔️ Limit Government

Rural Georgia needs a voice in our state capitol who can speak to the economic and taxation policies that have a significant impact on our local economy.

As a business owner, a farmer and a leader in our community, David has the experience it will take to build relationships and find common ground to align with our local priorities. He believes we have the opportunity to limit our losses, offset conservation taxes, reduce bureaucracy for local businesses and get the government out of the way of our efforts to work, grow and sustain our communities.

We need to return medical manufacturing to Georgia and we need to support training pipelines to fill healthcare worker shortages in our hospitals.

Nobody understands these dynamics more than David, navigating our healthcare system with his career as an air ambulance helicopter pilot. David is uniquely positioned to represent our best interests when it comes to reducing costs and lessening the burden we face for access to quality healthcare services.

Through personal experience and exposure helping his father as a disabled veteran, David also has a handle on the needs of our veterans and the challenges of the VA healthcare system.

As a former police officer, David knows how difficult it is for our law enforcement officers to do their jobs without the proper resources, training and a qualified talent pool to fill these critical roles in our community.

Police, fire and ambulance services are vital to our quality of life and cannot be neglected. Together with roads and education, public safety is a basic function of government and David will speak up in our state capitol to support our efforts to keep our roads, schools and neighborhoods protected. As a member of the Public Safety Committee in the Georgia House, David knows the importance of protecting our communities and will stand up to liberal attempts to defund our police.

David is motivated by the need to electrify rural Georgia and understands that our schools, our farms and our local businesses are behind the curve without it.

David believes that we have an opportunity to treat broadband as a utility and create connectivity for every home and business. He will work to explore our options, connect our resources and develop solutions for our district.

With a wide variety of school systems across our district, there is a vast difference between what is working and what is not.

David believes that government overreach will continue to fail our systems. He will work to protect our successes and connect resources to learn from the strong educational programs in our district and across our state. He believes in funding students, not institutions and that parents are the best qualified to make decisions on their children’s education. He sees how a strong educational system can attract and retain citizens in our communities, and wants to create opportunities for our future generations.