Conservative Leadership

Our Republican majority in Georgia’s legislature is being threatened now more than ever.

We can look to Washington, D.C. to see what happens when liberal values win out, but David will fight to protect the conservative values that keep Georgia thriving. Fundamentally, our communities agree on the priority of traditional family values, traditional marriage values, and the importance of religion in the family and in the household. We are small communities that have a nature that brings us together to support our common interests.

When people begin to look to their government as the solution, it gives the government too much power. Self-reliance and individual accountability are at the heart of our state and the spirit of our country.

Conservatism is symbolic of who we are as a society, and David will stand firm to:

✔️ Defend Our 2nd Amendment
✔️ Protect Pro-Life Policy
✔️ Champion Capitalism
✔️ Limit Government